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Self Omninutrition Hydrosalt is a special nutritional supplement that can be called a sports drink in a capsule because it contains electrolytes in an optimal complex. The product contains sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all that is needed for cramps (associated with unbalanced electrolyte levels), overheating, overtraining and fatigue. The product does not contain carbohydrates and calories, so it is well suited for those who want to lose weight.

Sodium is needed to regulate the amount of water in tissues, influence pressure, maintain a balance of acidity and transport nerve impulses.

Calcium, being a part of bones, teeth and other tissues, is needed by the body to perform structural functions. Calcium ensures the normal exchange of nutrients through the blood vessels and contributes to the normal functioning of the muscles. Calcium is involved in the activation of blood clotting, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, in the normal functioning of the kidneys and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Potassium is needed to regulate the amount of water in the tissues, to reduce pressure, for the activity of enzymes, for normal muscle function, for the metabolism of protein and carbohydrate substances, and for the elimination of toxins from the kidneys. Potassium is very necessary in the exchange of oxygen, it is in red blood cells and improves the skin.

Magnesium , part of the salts in the body, is needed by the body for the formation of bones. It has an important role in the metabolism of calcium, in the work of the muscles of the heart, in the regulation of the work of blood circulation, in the release of energy and in the work of nerves and muscles. Magnesium is involved in about 300 enzymatic reactions, promotes carbohydrate metabolism and activates amino acids.


  • Helps with overload and overheating
  • Without calories and carbohydrates
  • Balances the level of electrolytes in the blood


Daily dose 4 capsules. Capsules can be used before and after physical activity, for a stronger effect, you can increase the daily dose. Take with 150ml of water or carbohydrate drink.

To whom is it intended?

Suitable for lovers of sports for strength and endurance. The use of Hydrosalt can be adjusted to suit your fitness level.

Packing: 120 capsules


Magnesium glycinate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, calcium citrate, anticoagulants (E460, E551), capsule (E464)

Active ingredients Hydrosalt  1 capsule
magnesium glycinate

chloride sodium
sodium bicarbonate

Potassium potassium
calcium citrate

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